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3 Major Signs that Your Child is Too Old for a Pediatrician

Posted on 29 March 2020 by (0)

A pediatrician is a doctor that takes care of babies and teens. An adult should see an internist. But, teens may sometimes feel uncomfortable with the idea of seeing a pediatrician. Thus, though some pediatricians may be trained to treat and ensure the health, as well as, the wellbeing of grown-up children, they may not like the idea. So, how do you tell that your child is too old for a pediatrician? Here are the major signs that you should get a different doctor for your teen or adolescent. 

The Pediatrician’s Office Takes Care of More Toddlers than Adolescents 

This may not be the deal-breaker. However, it may tell that the pediatrician is not the right professional to be taking care of your teen. Your teen might also feel uncomfortable after realizing that only toddlers are getting in and out of the pediatrician’s office. And, if you notice many toys in the pediatrician’s office or waiting room and no brochures, posters, or videos for teens, it may be the time to find another doctor. 

The Pediatrician Does not acknowledge that the Child is Growing Up 

The pediatrician should start treating your kid differently between the age of 12 and 13 years. For instance, the doctor can politely ask the parent to leave them in the exam room for some time. At this time, the doctor can address sensitive issues like sexuality, drugs, and anxiety with the teen. If you notice that the pediatrician is not doing this and your child is almost hitting 14 years, it means they are probably too old for them. 

Your Child Hates Visiting the Pediatrician 

Your child might hate the idea of going for a pediatrician’s appointments. The reason for this could be being treated like a baby. Consider this reason as valid because it means your child has outgrown the pediatrician. Therefore, consider getting an appropriate doctor for the child. 

These are the major signs that your child is too old to continue seeing a pediatrician. Watch out for them and switch to an appropriate doctor when necessary.